Football: Fenerbahce draw goalless with Antalyaspor

             <p>By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun</p>  <p>ANKARA (AA) - Living the worst league performance in their history, Fenerbahce’s bad streak continued on Monday with a draw with Antalyaspor.</p>  <p>The goalless result in Antalya Stadium was Fenerbahce's seventh draw of the season, leaving them in 17th place with 16 points after week 17.</p>  <p>In the 75th minute of the match, Fenerbahce defender Roman Neustadter was sent off after being booked for a second yellow card.</p>  <p>The second half of the season will start on Jan. 18.</p>  <p>Here are the standings in Turkey's Spor Toto Super Lig after the first half of the season:</p><table align="center"><tr><td align="center"><br> </td><td align="left">Teams</td><td align="center">P</td><td align="center">W</td><td align="center">D</td><td align="center">L</td><td align="center">GF</td><td align="center">GA</td><td align="center">AV</td><td align="center">Pts</td></tr><tr><td align="right">1. </td><td align="left">BASAKSEHIR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">10 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">2 </td><td align="right">22 </td><td align="right">8 </td><td align="right">14 </td><td align="right">35 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">2. </td><td align="left">TRABZONSPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">8 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">32 </td><td align="right">22 </td><td align="right">10 </td><td align="right">29 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">3. </td><td align="left">YENI MALATYASPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">8 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">26 </td><td align="right">16 </td><td align="right">10 </td><td align="right">29 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">4. </td><td align="left">KASIMPASA</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">2 </td><td align="right">6 </td><td align="right">37 </td><td align="right">28 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">29 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">5. </td><td align="left">GALATASARAY</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">8 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">30 </td><td align="right">21 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">29 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">6. </td><td align="left">ANTALYASPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">8 </td><td align="right">3 </td><td align="right">6 </td><td align="right">19 </td><td align="right">21 </td><td align="right">-2 </td><td align="right">27 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">7. </td><td align="left">BESIKTAS</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">28 </td><td align="right">23 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">26 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">8. </td><td align="left">KONYASPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">6 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">23 </td><td align="right">20 </td><td align="right">3 </td><td align="right">25 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">9. </td><td align="left">SIVASSPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">6 </td><td align="right">6 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">24 </td><td align="right">23 </td><td align="right">1 </td><td align="right">24 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">10. </td><td align="left">GOZTEPE</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">1 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">18 </td><td align="right">19 </td><td align="right">-1 </td><td align="right">22 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">11. </td><td align="left">BURSASPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">0 </td><td align="right">21 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">12. </td><td align="left">ANKARAGUCU</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">6 </td><td align="right">2 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">26 </td><td align="right">-9 </td><td align="right">20 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">13. </td><td align="left">KAYSERISPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">8 </td><td align="right">15 </td><td align="right">25 </td><td align="right">-10 </td><td align="right">19 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">14. </td><td align="left">ALANYASPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">3 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">13 </td><td align="right">22 </td><td align="right">-9 </td><td align="right">18 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">15. </td><td align="left">AKHISARSPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">4 </td><td align="right">5 </td><td align="right">8 </td><td align="right">19 </td><td align="right">26 </td><td align="right">-7 </td><td align="right">17 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">16. </td><td align="left">ERZURUMSPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">3 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">16 </td><td align="right">22 </td><td align="right">-6 </td><td align="right">16 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">17. </td><td align="left">FENERBAHCE</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">3 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">16 </td><td align="right">24 </td><td align="right">-8 </td><td align="right">16 </td></tr><tr><td align="right">18. </td><td align="left">RIZESPOR</td><td align="right">17 </td><td align="right">1 </td><td align="right">9 </td><td align="right">7 </td><td align="right">19 </td><td align="right">28 </td><td align="right">-9 </td><td align="right">12 <br><br></td></tr></table><br>

Football: Week 12 in Turkish league to kick off Friday

By Fatih Erel

ISTANBUL (AA) – Trabzonspor will play against Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor on Friday to begin Week 12 of Turkey's Spor Toto Super Lig.

Medipol Basaksehir lead the league with 24 points while reigning champions 'Lions' come second with 20 points, followed by Antalyaspor with the same points.

On Saturday, Galatasaray will face Kayserispor in an away match while the leader Medipol Basaksehir will play against Caykur Rizespor in an away match.

On Sunday, Fenerbahce will play against Aytemiz Alanyaspor at home in Istanbul. 'Yellow Canaries' are desperate for a win to stay close to league's top.

Currently, Fenerbahce with 10 points stayed in 15th place in the league, 10 points away from the leader.

On Sunday, Besiktas will face Demir Grup Sivasspor at home in Istanbul. 'Black Eagles' are in the 6th place with 18 points.

– Week 12 schedule:


Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor-Trabzonspor at 1700GMT


Buyuksehir Belediye Erzurumspor-Goztepe at 1030GMT

Atiker Konyaspor-MKE Ankaragucu at 1030GMT

Caykur Rizespor-Medipol Basaksehir at 1300GMT

Kayserispor-Galatasaray at 1600GMT


Bursaspor-Kasimpasa at 1030GMT

Fenerbahce-Aytemiz Alanyaspor at 1500GMT

Antalyaspor-Akhisarspor at 1600GMT

Besiktas-Demir Grup Sivasspor at 1730GMT

Turkish Super League Pld W D L GF GA +/- Points
1. MEDIPOL BASAKSEHIR 11 7 3 1 15 4 11 24
2. GALATASARAY 11 6 2 3 19 14 5 20
3. ANTALYASPOR 11 6 2 3 15 16 -1 20
4. KASIMPASA 11 6 1 4 24 18 6 19
5. MKE ANKARAGUCU 11 6 1 4 15 11 4 19
6. BESIKTAS 11 5 3 3 19 14 5 18
7. EVKUR YENI MALATYASPOR 11 5 3 3 14 10 4 18
8. GOZTEPE 11 6 0 5 14 12 2 18
9. TRABZONSPOR 11 4 4 3 19 13 6 16
10. ATIKER KONYASPOR 11 3 5 3 15 14 1 14
11. BURSASPOR 11 2 7 2 9 9 0 13
12. KAYSERISPOR 11 3 3 5 10 14 -4 12
13. AYTEMIZ ALANYASPOR 11 4 0 7 6 16 -10 12
14. DEMIR GRUP SIVASSPOR 11 2 5 4 12 17 -5 11
15. FENERBAHCE 11 2 4 5 9 15 -6 10
16. AKHISARSPOR 11 2 3 6 11 19 -8 9
17. CAYKUR RIZESPOR 11 1 5 5 12 17 -5 8
18. B.B. ERZURUMSPOR 11 1 5 5 8 13 -5 8

Football: Galatasaray profit after rivals drop points

By Fatih Erel

ISTANBUL (AA) – Galatasaray come out ahead in match week 8 in the Turkey's Spor Toto Super Lig after rivals Fenerbahce, Basaksehir and Besiktas all dropped points.

On Saturday, Lions defeated Antalyaspor at an away game with a single goal in the last minutes to stay at the top of the league with 18 points.

Manager Fatih Terim used defender Maicon and subbed in defensive midfielder Ryan Donk in the forward area in the final minutes of the match to find the winning goal, and Donk did just that with a header.

On Sunday at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, Fenerbahce and Basaksehir drew 0-0 in a match hindered by controversial referee decisions.

With this result, Fenerbahce with 8 points stayed in 15th place in the league, 10 points away from the leader while Basaksehir placed second with 15 points.

– VAR breaks down

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system broke down for couple minutes in Fenerbahce – Medipol Basaksehir match while referee disallowed Basaksehir's goal due to controversial off-side position.

Medipol Basaksehir coach Abdullah Avci said referee did not allow the clear goal while Elia, the player who scored the disallowed goal, said in Twitter that "I swear this has nothing to do with football. They stole my goal."

On Sunday evening, Besiktas also drew Atiker Konyaspor 2-2 and placed third with 15 points. Besiktas defender Domagoj Vida was sent off in the 28th minute due to playing handball, resulting in a penalty for opponents.

Despite going up 2-1 in the match within two quick goals in two minutes, Besiktas could not hold on and conceded a goal in the stoppage time to drop two points in Konya.

Here are the full results in Super Lig's match week 8:

Kasimpasa – Goztepe: 3-1

Kayserispor – Caykur Rizespor: 2-2

Bursaspor – MKE Ankaragucu: 1-0

BB Erzurumspor – Aytemiz Alanyaspor: 1-0

Antalyaspor – Galatasaray: 0-1

Yeni Malatyaspor – Sivasspor: 4-4

Fenerbahce – Basaksehir: 0-0

Akhisarspor – Trabzonspor: 1-3

Atiker Konyaspor – Besiktas: 2-2

Here are the final standings after match week 8:

Turkish Super Lig Pld W D L GF GA +/- Pts
1. GALATASARAY 8 6 0 2 16 9 7 18
2. BASAKSEHIR 8 4 3 1 12 4 8 15
3. BESIKTAS 8 4 3 1 15 10 5 15
4. KASIMPASA 8 5 0 3 17 15 2 15
5. TRABZONSPOR 8 4 1 3 17 11 6 13
6. ANTALYASPOR 8 4 1 3 11 14 -3 13
7. ATIKER KONYASPOR 8 3 3 2 14 12 2 12
8. YENI MALATYASPOR 8 3 3 2 11 9 2 12
9. GOZTEPE 8 4 0 4 10 11 -1 12
10. ALANYASPOR 8 4 0 4 6 12 -6 12
11. ANKARAGUCU 8 3 1 4 8 9 -1 10
12. SIVASSPOR 8 2 3 3 12 15 -3 9
13. KAYSERISPOR 8 2 3 3 7 10 -3 9
14. BURSASPOR 8 1 5 2 5 7 -2 8
15. FENERBAHCE 8 2 2 4 6 10 -4 8
16. RIZESPOR 8 1 4 3 10 10 0 7
17. AKHISARSPOR 8 1 2 5 9 13 -4 5
18. BB ERZURUMSPOR 8 1 2 5 6 11 -5 5

Galatasaray tops Turkish league after Basaksehir draw

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun

ANKARA (AA) – Reigning champions Galatasaray topped Turkey's Spor Toto Super Lig after Medipol Basaksehir's draw against Yeni Malatyaspor on Monday evening.

Turkish league's 7th match week saw Galatasaray beating BB Erzurumspor at home with a single goal, recovering from last week's 3-0 defeat at the hands of Akhisarspor.

Besiktas beat Kayserispor at home 2-0, with Wagner Love and Ricardo Quaresma are the scorers for the Black Eagles.

Fenerbahce continue its poor performance against Caykur Rizespor, they were defeated 3-0 in an away match.

Medipol Basaksehir drew 1-1 with Yeni Malatyaspor, dropping two points at home, meaning Galatasaray took over the leaders spot with 15 points.

Here are the full results in Super Lig's match week 7:

Galatasaray – BB Erzurumspor: 1-0

Trabzonspor – Kasimpasa: 4-2

Alanyaspor – Akhisarspor: 2-1

Besiktas – Kayserispor: 2-0

Sivasspor – Bursaspor: 2-0

Goztepe – Konyaspor: 3-2

Rizespor – Fenerbahce: 3-0

Ankaragucu – Antalyaspor: 0-1

Basaksehir – Yeni Malatyaspor: 1-1

Here are the standings after match week 7:

Spor Toto Süper Lig

Teams P W D L GF GA +/- P
1. GALATASARAY 7 5 0 2 15 9 6 15
2. BASAKSEHIR 7 4 2 1 12 4 8 14
3. BESIKTAS 7 4 2 1 13 8 5 14
4. ANTALYASPOR 7 4 1 2 11 13 -2 13
5. GOZTEPE 7 4 0 3 9 8 1 12
6. KASIMPASA 7 4 0 3 14 14 0 12
7. ALANYASPOR 7 4 0 3 6 11 -5 12
8. KONYASPOR 7 3 2 2 12 10 2 11
9. YENI MALATYASPOR 7 3 2 2 7 5 2 11
10. TRABZONSPOR 7 3 1 3 14 10 4 10
11. ANKARAGUCU 7 3 1 3 8 8 0 10
12. SIVASSPOR 7 2 2 3 8 11 -3 8
13. KAYSERISPOR 7 2 2 3 5 8 -3 8
14. FENERBAHCE 7 2 1 4 6 10 -4 7
15. RIZESPOR 7 1 3 3 8 8 0 6
16. AKHISARSPOR 7 1 2 4 8 10 -2 5
17. BURSASPOR 7 0 5 2 4 7 -3 5
18. BB ERZURUMSPOR 7 0 2 5 5 11 -6 2

Football: Fenerbahce woes continue in young season

By Fatih Erel

ISTANBUL (AA) – Turkey's powerhouse football club Fenerbahce has been in a downfall since the start of the season and they show no sign of recuperation against Caykur Rizespor on Sunday evening.

The 'Yellow Canaries' forgot how to fly in away games as they suffered their fourth loss in the young Turkish league season with a 0-3 loss.

It was Caykur Rize's first victory this season. Muriqi, Umar and Samudio scored the goals against Fenerbahce in a 11-minute-span in the first half.

In summer, Fenerbahce changed their chairman by electing Ali Koc, with hopes of becoming champions in the Turkish league again and go far in the European competitions.

But it was not the case so far, as the team only accumulated 7 points in 7 matches, only two points clear from relegation.

Recent results have also made Fenerbahce manager Philip Cocu's seat a hot one, as the Dutch coach is under pressure by fans who showed their downheartedness to the chairman Ali Koc after Sunday's loss.

The team has already lost 4 of their first seven matches against Kayserispor, Yeni Malatyaspor, Goztepe and lastly Caykur Rize.

– Disappointing start to European journey

Fenerbahce fans were expecting a berth to UEFA Champions League group stages this season, after 11 years of failing to do so.

However, their hopes were crushed in August, when Fenerbahce were eliminated by Portugal's Benfica in the qualification match in the UEFA Champions League.

Fenerbahce also had an unwanted start in the UEFA Europa League.

In the first game in the Europa League group match in September, Croatia's Dinamo Zagreb beat Fenerbahce 4-1.

At home, Fenerbahce will play against Spartak Trnava on Thursday in the UEFA Europa League match.

Football: Galatasaray edge out B.B. Erzurumspor 1-0

By Fatih Erel

ISTANBUL (AA) – Galatasaray defeated Buyuksehir Belediye Erzurumspor 1-0 on Friday evening in Turkey's Spor Toto Super Lig, the country's top-tier football league.

Matchday 7's first game was played at Galatasaray's Turk Telekom Stadium in Istanbul.

Galatasaray's Maicon scored the goal in the 74th minute.

Stunned by Akhisar Belediyespor last week, the Lions bounced back at home, where they have won their last 13 matches.

In away match in Portugal, Galatasaray will face Porto in the UEFA Champions League group match.

On Saturday, Besiktas will take on Kayserispor in Istanbul's Vodafone Park. After last week's derby draw, the Black Eagles look to claim three points at home.

On Sunday, Fenerbahce will take on Caykur Rizespor in an away match. The Yellow Canaries are desperate for a win to stay close to the league's top teams.

On Monday, leaders Medipol Basaksehir will look to beat Yeni Malatyaspor at home to stay at the top of the league.

Currently, Medipol Basaksehir lead the league with 13 points, followed by defending champions Galatasaray with 12 points and Kasimpasa, also with 12. Besiktas, in fourth place, have 11 points, Fenerbahce, with seven points, find themselves in the 13th spot.

– Week Seven schedule:


Trabzonspor – Kasimpasa at 1300GMT

Aytemiz Alanyaspor – Akhisarspor at 1300GMT

Besiktas – Kayserispor at 1600GMT


Demir Grup Sivasspor – Bursaspor at 1030GMT

Goztepe – Atiker Konyaspor at 1300GMT

Caykur Rizespor – Fenerbahce at 1600GMT


MKE Ankaragucu – Antalyaspor at 1700GMT

Medipol Basaksehir – Evkur Yeni Malatyaspor at 1700GMT

Football: Akhisarspor stuns Galatasaray in league match

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun

ANKARA (AA) – Galatasaray were stunned in the Turkish league on Sunday evening by a 3-0 loss to Akhisarspor played at Akhisar Arena in the Aegean region city of the same name.

Akhisarspor found three goals in the second half to earn their first win in the league, bucking a five-match winless streak to start the season.

Galatasaray wasted a chance to take the lead in late first half, as Garry Rodrigues missed the penalty kick.

Akhisarspor's first half goal was also disallowed with offside after the referee checked with the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system.

Tireless Dutch winger Elvis Manu was the key player for his team, breaking the deadlock in the 51st minute and then winning a penalty kick for his team in the 80th minute.

Guray Vural scored the penalty to make the score 2-0 for Akhisar, and Mustafa Yumlu added one more to the tally after goalkeeper Fernando Muslera's mistake in the 84th minute.

Galatasaray suffered their second loss of the season and stayed with 12 points to lose the leaders' spot to Medipol Basaksehir, who drew 0-0 with Bursaspor to move up to 13 points.

Week six of the Spor Toto Super Lig will conclude on Monday evening with a derby match, as Besiktas will host Fenerbahce at Istanbul's Vodafone Arena.

Here are the results so far in week six of the league:

Erzurumspor – Ankaragucu: 0-1

Bursaspor – Basaksehir: 0-0

Yeni Malatya – Rizespor: 1-0

Kayserispor – Konyaspor: 0-2

Trabzonspor – Goztepe: 1-2

Kasimpasa – Alanyaspor: 1-2

Antalyaspor – Sivasspor: 2-1

Akhisarspor – Galatasaray: 3-0

Football: Galatasaray beat Ankaragucu in league opener

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun

ANKARA (AA) – Reigning champs Galatasaray defeated newcomers Ankaragucu 3-1 in Turkish Spor Toto Super Lig's opening match in Ankara's Osmanli Stadium on Friday evening.

Galatasaray's coach Fatih Terim made some chances after defeat to Akhisarspor in Turkish Super Cup match last week. He benched Bafetimbi Gomis, Sofiane Feghouli and Younes Belhanda and started new transfer Henry Onyekuru with Eren Derdiyok at striker.

Newly promoted Ankaragucu found the season's first goal early as Mostapha El Kabir scored in the 7th minute thanks to a through pass that left him one-on-one with the goalkeeper Fernando Muslera.

Galatasaray increased their pressure at the Ankaragucu half after going down 0-1.

'The Lions' found the equalizing goal in the 21st minute. Defender Serdar Aziz scored a header just near the goal after Ankaragucu failed to clear the corner cross.

Taking their chances in front of Ankaragucu goal, Galatasaray took the lead in the 30th minute thanks to an own goal by Ankaragucu's new transfer Bakary Kone.

Kone headed in the own goal to top right corner, trying to clear Mariano's curved cross.

Ankaragucu scored before the first half again with Mostapha El Kabir in the 37th minute, but it was disallowed as he was offside. The referee used the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system to cancel the goal.

The second half started with Ankaragucu trying to find the equalizing goal. Ankara team found a chance in the 54th minute, but Muslera was quick to clear the ball before Thievy Bifouma.

In the 63rd minute, Ankaragucu again found a clear chance inside the six yard box, but the shot went nearly outside.

In the stoppage time, Galatasaray increased the lead to 3-1 with striker Eren Derdiyok.

Despite their fans' non-stop support, Ankaragucu were not able to find the leveling goal to earn a point in their first Super Lig match in six years.

Besiktas back to winning ways in Turkish Super Lig

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun

ANKARA (AA) – Besiktas defeated Alanyaspor 2-1 in Super Lig's 10th match week in coastal city of Antalya on Saturday evening, getting their first victory after four league matches.

The match saw Besiktas finding the first goal in the 8th minute, thanks to an in-form striker Cenk Tosun. However, Alanyaspor managed to equalize the match in the 26th minute, from Brazilian defender Welinton Souza Silva.

In the 88th minute, Besiktas striker Alvaro Negredo took over and scored the winning goal for his team, ending the Black Eagles' four game winless streak.

The last victory Besiktas got in the league was against Konyaspor in the fifth match week, with a 2-0 score. After that, reigning champions suffered two loses from Fenerbahce and Genclerbirligi, and two draws from Basaksehir and Trabzonspor.

Despite their tough fixture, Besiktas is doing great in Champions League, winning all their three matches so far to lead their group.

With Saturday's victory, Besiktas increased their points total to 18.

Football: Basaksehir beat Fenerbahce, Besiktas win

By Satuk Bugra Kutlugun

ANKARA (AA) – Medipol Basaksehir managed to defeat Fenerbahce at last breath at Sukru Saracoglu Stadium on Saturday evening with a 3-2 score.

The match, in which two Istanbul clubs squared off for a Turkish ‘Spor Toto Super Lig’ showdown, started greatly for Basaksehir, as they go up 1-0 in just the second minute.

Thanks to header by Joseph Attamah, crossed by Emre Belozoglu from the corner kick spot, Basaksehir looked unfazed from Fenerbahce crowd.

The visiting club increased the margin to two in the 33rd minute, when striker Emmanuel Adebayor netted in a powerful header.

Fenerbahce managed to pull one back in the 44th minute, when new signing Nabil Dirar’s low-driven shot found its way to Basaksehir goal.

The home team equalized the score in the second half, defender Martin Skrtel’s deflected header went inside in the 78th minute, giving Fenerbahce hope to complete a comeback.

But Kerim Frei’s curved missile in the 94th minute crushed Fenerbahce’s dreams and left the home team without a point.

Basaksehir, who finished the league at second spot last season, managed to continue their recent winning ways with the victory and increased their points total to 9 after four matches.

Fenerbahce, on the other hand, made one of the worst starts to the league in their history, only accumulating five points so far.

– Karabukspor – Besiktas: 0-1

In the other clash of the day, Besiktas managed to defeat Karabukspor 1-0 in an away match.

The second half was a thriller, as Besiktas missed a penalty shot in the 59th minute. Midfielder Oguzhan Ozyakup bottled the penalty high over the goal as Besiktas missed the chance to go up.

In the 69th minute, Tosic was given a second yellow card and was sent off, leaving his team ten men on the field.

However, Oguzhan Ozyakup gave out a great pass to winger Ryan Babel, who calmly finished in the 79th minute to give his team the crucial 1-0 lead.

Besiktas increased their points total to 10 after the match.