Coalitions falls in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

By Fatih Hafiz Mehmet

ANKARA (AA) – The coalition government in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) collapsed after the People's Party (HP) announced its withdrawal on Wednesday.

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay, who is HP leader as well, announced his party's decision to withdraw from the coalition on Wednesday, according to Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK).

At a news conference, Ozersay said the party members will decide on whether they will continue as an opposition party or make negotiations to form a government.

He said the reason behind their withdrawal was the property rentals of the ministry of finance and "confidence crisis".

Ozersay added he does not exclude the possibility of snap elections.

Earlier Wednesday, Minister of Finance Serdar Denktas had resigned from his post.

Prime Minister Tufan Erhurman also announced that he will submit government's resignation on Thursday.

In 1974, following a coup aiming at Cyprus’ annexation by Greece, Ankara had to intervene as a guarantor power. In 1983, the TRNC was founded.

The decades since have seen several attempts to resolve the dispute, all ending in failure. The latest one, held with the participation of the guarantor countries — Turkey, Greece, and the U.K. — ended in 2017 in Switzerland.

60 percent of votes counted in Turkish Cypriot polls

By Murat Demirci and Zuhal Demirci

LEFKOSA, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (AA) – With sixty percent of the votes counted in the snap general election in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) according to the unofficial election results, the National Unity Party (UBP) is in first place with 36.05 percent.

The second-placed Republican Turkish Party (CTP) received 20.8 percent of the counted votes while the Peoples' Party (HP), which ran in the election for the first time, came in third with 16.74 percent.

The Democrat Party (DP) — who make up the current coalition government – took fourth place with 8.06 percent, the Communal Democracy Party (TDP) came in fifth with 7.99 percent, and the Renaissance Party (YDP) took last place with 7.45 percent of the votes.

Three parties could not pass the five percent threshold with only 2.93 percent of the votes in total.

After the announcement of the unofficial results, the UBP party members and supporters gathered in front of the general headquarters of the party and celebrated the results.

“It seems that UBP has come out with success from the box. Our society showed their trust in UBP once again. I feel more responsibility from now on,” Prime Minister and General Manager of National Unity Party (UBP) Huseyin Ozgurgun said referring to the poll results that seem in favor of his party.

“Our aim is to serve our people. Of course the names and numbers are not totally decided,” he also added.

Ozgurgun thanked the Turkish Cypriots for their support.

Serdar Denktas, the head of the Democrat Party (DP), made a press statement in the party’s headquarters after the unofficial results. He congratulated the UBP and said: “I think we don’t deserve this result and we will continue our fight."

The election system has some problems, the rule should be reviewed, and the election was held with an unpredictable system of elections, he added.

Votes were cast at 719 polling stations across the country, in the 14th election since 1976, when the TRNC was the Turkish Federated State of Northern Cyprus. The TRNC was founded in 1983.