Sur Yapi sells 400 apartments to Turks living abroad

             By Elif Ferhan Yesilyurt</p>    <p>ISTANBUL (AA) - Turkish construction firm Sur Yapi has sold 400 apartments to Turks living abroad, especially in Germany, the Netherlands, and France, over the last five months, the head of the firm said.</p>    <p>Chairman Altan Elmas noted that the company makes it more convenient for Turkish people to buy houses in its projects.</p>    <p>During October, the firm showcased its projects in Berlin and Cologne and it will continue to display in other European cities, the firm said.</p>      <p>In a press release last week, the company said Turkish people also show great interest in its more than 10 projects in Istanbul and Mediterranean resort city of Antalya.</p>    <p>As part of its Antalya project, the firm will make investment worth 8 billion Turkish liras (some $1.5 billion) within eight years, it added. </p>  <p>The apartment prices will start from 170,000 Turkish liras (around $32,000) in 1.3-million-square-meter-project, the firm said.