Stranded Columbian dancers fly home with Turkish help

Alaturka Amerika ABD Haberleri

By Izzet Taskiran</p> <p>ISTANBUL (AA) – After nearly two weeks stuck in Istanbul airport limbo, a group of seven Columbian dancers were able to fly home on Wednesday through the generosity of a Turkish singer and Turkey’s flag carrier.</p> <p>This summer the 12-member dance troupe came to Turkey's sunny Mediterranean resort of Antalya to work at a hotel but quit after a labor dispute.</p> <p>Five of the dancers had enough money to buy tickets home, but the others were stuck in the departure terminal of Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, sleeping on benches and cardboard sheets.</p> <p>After word spread of the dancers’ plight, they got better accommodations at a hotel, courtesy of Turkish singer Haluk Levent — known for his charity concerts — and Turkish Airlines (THY).</p> <p>Then Levent paid for tickets for the dancers to get home, with the help of a discount from Turkish airlines.</p> <p>After weeks of sleeping semi-rough, the Colombians found themselves en route to the capital Bogota, having experienced Turkish hospitality and generosity firsthand.