Saudi authorities ‘won't stop investigating corruption’

Alaturka Amerika ABD Haberleri

By Fares Karam

RIYADH (AA) – Saudi Arabia’s attorney-general on Wednesday said the Saudi authorities would not stop fighting corruption until the phenomenon was completely eliminated.

“The doors of the public prosecutor's office remain open to all relevant authorities in the fight against corruption, even if their observations relate to the public prosecution [authority] itself,” read a statement issued by Attorney-General Saud bin Abdullah al-Muajab.

Al-Muajab also announced plans to establish a network of “investigation offices” throughout the kingdom tasked with examining graft allegations.

Last November, the Saudi authorities rounded up scores of people — including members of the royal family, government ministers and high-profile businessmen — in a sweeping “anti-corruption” campaign.

Although most of them were subsequently released, the authorities reportedly netted over 400 billion Saudi riyals (roughly $107 billion) in out-of-court settlements.