Palestinians in Ramallah protest Israeli agression

RAMALLAH, Palestine (AA) – Hundreds of Palestinians on Tuesday staged demonstrations in Ramallah city in the occupied West Bank to condemn Israeli aggression in the Gaza Strip.

The protesters chanted slogans demanding Arab and international pressure on Israel.

Hassan Yousef, a Hamas leader who lives in West Bank, called for popular and official support for Gaza and against Israeli atrocities.

“I call upon the Palestinian Authority to lift its sanctions on Gaza and support its people there," Yousef told Anadolu Agency.

Since Sunday, at least 14 Palestinians have been martyred — by Israeli airstrikes and artillery — across the blockaded GazaStrip.

On Sunday night, seven Palestinians were martyred, including a senior Hamas commander, in a botched Israeli ground incursion inside the strip.

At least one Israeli officer was reportedly killed and another injured during the deadly raid.

Since March 30, more than 200 Palestinians have been martyred by Israeli army gunfire — and thousands more injured — while taking part in ongoing rallies along the Gaza-Israel buffer zone.