Muslim, Christian scholars gather in Istanbul

Alaturka Kultur Sanat Haberleri

By Fatih Turkyilmaz

ISTANBUL (AA) – Istanbul's Ibn Haldun University brought together Muslim and Christian scholars in the symposium — titled Muslim-Christian Scholars' Works on Philosophy and Theology.

Located in the historical Suleymaniye district of Istanbul, the university organizes the symposium on March 9-12, 2020. In the symposium, Muslim and Christian scholars will discuss and share their current researches from a philosophical and theological perspective.


Professors Kelly James Clark, Burhan Koroglu and Enis Doko will chair the symposium in which workshops on philosophy and science will also be organized.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Doko said academics from various universities will discuss relations between theology, science and philosophy.

"Together with scholars from Turkey, the U.S. and Malaysia, we will have the opportunity to discuss religion and science from both Muslim and Christian perspectives," he said.

Doko added that one of the main purposes of the symposium is to increase collaboration between Muslim and Christian academics, and they want to work together both in academic and cultural works.

The symposium is in English and it is open for participation to academics, students and enthusiasts of the subjects.

In the first session of the symposium, Prof. Kelly James Clark gave a speech — titled Religion and Violence: This is Why We Fight, pointing to the fact that philosophy and social sciences are closely related.

"The way to solve our disagreements is dialogue. We should focus on our prejudices. Neither all Muslims nor all Christians in the world have the same way of thinking," Clark said.

In the next two days of the symposium, Betul Avci from Ibn Haldun University, Samuel Murray from Duke University and Hayden Stephan from Saint Louis University will deliver speeches.

The last day of the event, March 12, will close with speeches of Enis Doko from Ibn Haldun University and Sumaiyah Ahmed from Jamia Hamdard University.

* Writing by Firdevs Bulut