Khartoum calls for impartial definition of ‘terrorism’

Alaturka Amerika ABD Haberleri

By Mohamed al-Khatam

KHARTOUM (AA) – Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Friday called for the formulation of a single, internationally agreed-upon definition of the word “terrorism” far from what he described as the “selectivity” of the “arrogant” world powers.

Voicing his readiness to work with Arab leaders towards this end, al-Bashir made the assertions while addressing a workshop devoted to “the Arab media’s role in dealing with the phenomenon of terrorism”, which concluded on Friday.

Held in Khartoum, the workshop was organized by the Cairo-based Arab League in cooperation with Sudan’s Information Ministry.

“We must work to drain the sources of terrorism by avoiding double standards and without attributing the phenomenon to a single region or religion,” al-Bashir declared.

Arab League Deputy Secretary-General Ahmed ben Helli, for his part, said that recommendations made at the workshop would be considered “important references for joint Arab action in the international fight against terrorism”.

The workshop, which was attended by academics from across the Arab world, was organized based on recommendations issued at a recently-held session of the Council of Arab Information Ministers.

Despite the mounting frequency of terrorist acts worldwide, the United Nations has yet to produce an internationally agreed-upon definition of the word “terrorism”.