It is ‘pretty good in Istanbul,’ natl police chief says

ANKARA (AA) ­– The head of Turkey’s national police said Saturday that law enforcement is in control in Istanbul.

“The situation is pretty good, from this moment the police is in control of Istanbul. In Ankara there are still some challenges, the battle with them goes on. God willing, by all means we will overcome this trouble,” according to Celalettin Lekesiz.

“Unfortunately these traitors who know which capacity and capability can hinder their attempt, as soon as they attempted the coup they landed in Special Operations and martyred some 20 officers. They bombed our helicopters and airplane hangar facilities,” Lekesiz told Anadolu Agency while discussing the attempted overthrow of the government.

But he acknowledged that authorities have had to deal with sympathizers of the group responsible for the coup within the ranks of the police. “We have sacked, retired some of them as regards to their illegal affairs,” he said.