Iran parliament passes bill to combat terrorism funding

TEHRAN (AA) – Iran’s Shura Council (parliament) on Sunday approved a bill to allow the country to join the UN convention against the funding of terrorism.

A total of 143 lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, against 120. Five MPs abstained from voting.

The bill will now go to the Guardian Council of the Constitution for final approval.

Ahead of the vote, Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif underlined the importance of joining the UN convention, warning that the U.S. was planning to impose new sanctions if Tehran failed to approve the bill.

Lawmakers opposing the bill gathered outside the parliament building, describing the motion as “an insult” to the Iranian people.

Conservatives oppose Iran’s accession to the UN convention, citing that it will help “enemies” to access Iran’s sensitive financial information.

Known as the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, the pact aims to criminalize the financing of terrorism.