Germany: COVID-19 measures in place until April 20

Alaturka Saglik Haberleri

By Erbil Basay

BERLIN (AA) – The measures taken in Germany to stem the spread of the coronavirus will continue to remain effective until at least April 20, a government minister said.

Last week, the German government banned the assembly of more than 2 people, and closed all restaurants, hotels, barbershops, massage salons and other businesses.

Some states such as Bavaria, Saxony, Saarland and Saxony-Anhalt declared a partial curfew.

Speaking to Germany daily Tagesspiegel, Helge Braun, the head of the Chancellery and federal minister, said the government’s top priority is to not allow the blockage of the health system.

"We are not going to alleviate the extreme measures until at least April 20. We will then re-negotiate the necessary steps to be taken for future," Braun told daily.

He said the elderly needs to be protected in this process.

Coronavirus cases in Germany continued to rise despite recent lockdown measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus, known as COVID-19.

According to data compiled by the U.S-based John Hopkins University, more than 53,300 cases have been reported in Germany, with the death toll reaching 399 and over 6,600 recoveries.

*Writing by Firdevs Bulut