Fresh violence erupts in southern Ethiopia

By Addis Getachew

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AA) – Violence has erupted in southern Ethiopia over the past couple of days, the government said on Thursday.

In a statement, the government described the violence in Hawassa and Wolkite cities the result of malicious instigation by a few persons bent on disrupting the ongoing and successful reform measures and national reconciliation.

After coming to power two months ago, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has taken sweeping measures by reshuffling the cabinet and other key posts, releasing political prisoners, and relieving a number of party movers and shakers from their posts on pension, and extending a hand of peace to rival Eritrea.

The statement calls on citizens to stand vigilant against people engaged in subversive activities.

Government affiliated media house FANA broadcasting corporate quoted security officials as saying violence that began two days ago was repeated this evening in the resort city of Hawassa.

Crowds reportedly threw stones and blocked roads in which unspecified casualties occurred and property was destroyed.

An investigation has been launched into the incidents.