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By Michael Hernandez</p> <p>WASHINGTON (AA) – Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden officially entered the 2020 White House race Thursday, ending more than a year of speculation. </p> <p>Biden is joining a crowded field of Democrats seeking the party's nomination to take on President Donald Trump in the next election cycle. </p> <p>&quot;We are in a battle for the soul of this nation,&quot; Biden said in a pre-recorded video announcing his candidacy. &quot;I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time.&quot;</p> <p>&quot;But if we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation,&quot; he added. </p> <p>Despite becoming the latest Democrat to throw his hat in the ring, Biden, 76, is widely considered the front-runner with most opinion polls showing him to be the most favored among his peers following long-running speculation he would enter the fray.</p> <p>He is expected to hold his first public campaign event Monday in Pennsylvania. He will appear Friday on ABC's &quot;The View&quot; morning program in what the network is billing as his first post-announcement interview.</p> <p>Trump quickly responded to Biden's announcement, welcoming &quot;sleepy Joe&quot; to the race in a Twitter post. </p> <p>&quot;I only hope you have the intelligence, long in doubt, to wage a successful primary campaign,&quot; Trump wrote. &quot;It will be nasty – you will be dealing with people who truly have some very sick &amp; demented ideas. But if you make it, I will see you at the Starting Gate!&quot;</p> <p>Democrats are expected to have their first primary debate in June. That will kickstart a flurry of campaign activity ahead of the Democratic convention in summer 2020 where a nominee will officially be selected.