Erdogan's 2017 visit to Mozambique turning point: envoy

By Ahmet Furkan Mercan

ANKARA (AA) – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Mozambique in 2017 is the first official visit at the presidential level and the turning point in relations between the two countries, Turkey’s ambassador to Maputo said.

Mozambique gained its independence in 1975. Turkey is one of the first countries to recognize Mozambique's independence, Zeynep Kiziltan told Anadolu Agency at the 10th Ambassadors' Conference in the capital Ankara.

Turkey's trade volume was around $120 million when Erdogan paid an official visit to Mozambique in 2017. It is currently at around $162 million. "Our target is $250 million," Kiziltan said.

Noting that Mozambique has rich natural gas and coal resources and agricultural land, she said, in February a Turkish company opened a cement factory in Mozambique and another Turkish company invested in Mozambique's northeastern Nacala port and is planning to provide electricity to the country.

Mozambique's biggest need is infrastructure investments, she added.

Turkey opened a mission in Mozambique in 2011.