Croatia: Greenpeace raises sea-pollution issue in art

BELGRADE, Serbia (AA) – A group of Greenpeace activists installed a whale model in Croatia's capital on Wednesday to raise voice for the pollution of the Adriatic Sea.

The activists gathered at Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb city center to set up a six-meters-tall art installation of a whale figure — suffering plastic waste pollution.

The sculpture posed a mother whale along with its babies emerging from the sea with plastics dangling on them. It also featured sound effect.

The activists held banners reading “More Adriatic, Less Plastic ” to warn the public about the ever-increasing problem of sea and ocean pollution, including the Adriatic Sea, by plastic waste.

Greenpeace aims to encourage the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy to pursue a more ambitious version of the European Directive on disposable plastics and to implement it as quickly as possible.

“Particular responsibility lies also on manufacturers and companies that sell huge quantities of plastic packaging and one-off plastics in general, ” Petra Andric, head of the Greenpeace campaign, said.

Citizens will be able to sign a petition on the square throughout the day and learn how to prevent the flow of large quantities of plastic into the sea by simply changing habits.

Greenpeace is an ecological organization that fights against pollution of the Earth and the atmosphere. It operates in 41 countries across America, Asia and Europe.